Purchase Information for customers outside the Netherlands,                                  

It is our business to maintain long term relationships with our customers. Therefore, we dedicated to follow our customers with our service until full satisfaction is achieved. We understand that each need of our customers is unique, so that we are always ready to deal with any problems that may occur. In this section "How to purchase" you will find all the necessary Purchase order instructions and Forms of Payment. 

Thank you for your interest in Exclusive Secrets.

 When you have purchased one or more items you can use the following Forms of Payment

1. By using your Credit Card.


 Exclusive Secrets supports Visa, eMaestro and Mastercard.

2. By your bank account:

Bank transfer to:

Exclusive Secrets
City: Hengelo
Country: Netherlands

Please use the following IBAN and BIC/Swift numbers:

IBAN:  NL 58 ABNA 0566815621

Description: Exclusive Secrets order nr.  ......................

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, a standardised way of identifying a bank account. When a cross-border payment is made in Europe, an IBAN is used to identify the account to which the payment should be made. An IBAN is always used in conjunction with a SWIFT/Bank Identifier Code (BIC). An IBAN is NOT a new bank account number. It is a way of representing national account numbers in an internationally recognised standard format. Used for quick and easy processing of payment orders. If you are paying from outside EU zone (from USA) to Exclusive Secrets, then always enter that IBAN in account number field of your payment form.

2. Using Paypal

All major Credit Cards through www.paypal.com, Bank Account transfers through www.paypal.com, or use your Account Balance in www.paypal.com . Pay Pal is one of the safest, secure forms of payment, and gives you buyer protection on all your purchases. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account anymore to pay with a credit card, and it won't cost you anything. Pay Pal has more than 71 Million accounts Worldwide, and is still growing.

When will your shipment arrive? Your order will be processed once your payment has been credited to our account. 

How to buy?

Purchase order instructions

Step one:

Go to "shop" and select a product.

Step two:

Click on the product of your preference

Step three:

Add the product(s) to your shoppting cart by clicking on "in winkelwagen" Once you've added a product to your cart, you can delete it, change the quantity,  continue shopping by clicking the button "Ga verder met winkelen"  or proceed to checkout. There is no obligation to buy any items in your cart. If you like to order a second or third item continue with step one. When you're ready to place your order, click on "Ga door naar afrekenen" on the right side at the bottom of the menu and go to step four.

Step four:

If your are ready with ordering please click on the button "Ga door naar afrekenen" you will be forwarded to the personal information form and enter your shipping and invoice details into the fields marked with a red asterisk. The following information is required: surname, adress, ZIP code, City and Country, E-mail adress. If you have additional remarks you can use the "opmerkingen" field. Choose your form of payment i.e. Credit card, Paypal of Vooruitbetalen.

Go to step five by clicking on "Place order now"